Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Week 1 Recap!

NYCUP Week 1!

As many of you know, I am participating in a discipleship internship called the New York City Urban Project. This is a program where college students come together to work with local missionaries, national church leaders, universities, non-profits, the urban poor and others in need. This past week I was able to meet 5 amazing women who I will be living with this summer, serve the homeless population in New York City as well as volunteer at a fundraising gala for women and children in India and Cambodia.

At the start of this week we had orientation where we learned about the biblical basis of this program and how we can press in to uncomfortable situations going toward pain and suffering not moving away. I am seeing so many ways that God wants to increase the love in my heart so that I can love people intimately and in relation, not from afar as I am used to doing. Going into this program, I hope to learn more about the issue of human trafficking, and how I can work as an advocate for those who are oppressed. I also hope to grow in my capacity to be emotionally available to people and not close myself off to emotions of others and my own emotion. I am nervous and excited to begin this process with God and grow in love for others and myself.

NOMI Network Gala
My internship this summer is working with NOMI Network a non-profit that helps provide women and children in Cambodia and India gain economic opportunities. This was a fundraising event where donors came and donated money to the organization. It was an incredible night and I found it very hard not to be shocked by the amounts of money people were able to donate. They raised about 25,000 in 5 minutes! It was amazing to be apart of this event and see what goes into acquiring resources to help those in need.

These are the women I am living with! Brianna, Taylor, Kaitlyn, Anna, and Alison. 
We have bonded so much just in the past 7 days and I am excited to continue to grow with these girls and we get to know each other better. 

Prayer Requests-
1. To grow in my ability to be relational with people in vulnerability and compassion.
2. For time management skills and being smart with how I spend my time.

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